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What Makes A Successful Strategy and How To Determine Value

Our previous blog posts have been written by the creative specialists here at Kaizen, and as a salesperson, I want to highlight the Kaizen approach to every new client we engage with – strategy, value and growth.

Unfortunately, the majority of salespeople have an unenviable reputation for only caring about their end goal, commission. I’ve worked with a great many sales professionals who put their wants before the needs of their client; this is a short-term approach and more often than not, resulted in them having a short sales career. Fortunately, I have had great mentors who have always taught me that the focus should be to propose and implement a strategy that delivers long-term value, resulting in a tangible and telling impact on growth – when the client is happy with the results, everyone is winning!

So how do we actually do this?

For every new business we engage with, we tailor a strategy specific to their challenges and goals. Therefore, we do not simply focus solely on their current SEO and content efforts, we begin and pursue an understanding of where the business is positioned in the market, who their competitors are (who is keeping them up at night!), what’s coming in the future (new product launches etc.) and what are the key goals in the short, medium and long-term.

Once we collate the above information we need to understand what the current marketing efforts are to achieve these goals, and then how SEO and content ties into this. It is vitally important to know the ‘big picture’ so we can create and implement a strategy that aligns with the business’ focus and delivers the best results.

 Driving Value

The strategy outlines the scope of work and details the timelines we will work to – the next step is in determining value. ‘Value’ in this sense is not what KPIs we agree to work towards, but the direct and indirect outcomes of achieving these results.

I.E. we will agree to a KPI of 25 followed links, and it’s great when we are successful in hitting and exceeding this target but simply reporting back on this is not good enough. What is the actual value of hitting this target? We need to understand & report back on what effect this media coverage has on brand exposure/awareness, traffic (organic and referral), leads, organic visibility, keyword rankings.

In order to drive value for our clients, we really spend time listening to why they want to do this project and what they expect to achieve, then layer in our experience to outline a value framework that we will continuously report back on. A big part of this is to also highlight when something is not working and being pro-active in providing a solution.

Value is not always results driven. It is important for our clients to feel like they have a team of specialists who are striving to make their jobs easier and assist in making them look like heroes. We really care about building a long-term relationship, providing continuous support and advice when needed, and achieving growth.

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