Content Marketing Things We’ve Made

One of my main goals for Kaizen is to produce content for our clients that doesn’t break the bank in terms of budget, but still earns organic links and shares.

Here’s a few examples of simple content marketing things we’ve made in the past month for small & medium businesses that are at the moment being supported by outreach battle plan & native advertising. We’re also working on something for Elizabeth Street Dentist in Belgravia right now Fingers crossed, these will be at least 1% as successful as Gangnam Style – you can see examples of past campaigns where we won the internet (kinda) by clicking here.

10 Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read

View Interactive Version (via Travel Out There)

Celebrity Urban Legends Quiz

View Interactive Version (via Two Little Fleas)

The Death of Windows XP

View original version (via 10ZiG Thin Clients & StrategiQ Marketing).

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