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Back to School: Coding 101 for Digital Marketers

Summer is gone and that means one thing: time to go back to school. Which, to be honest, is totally cool with us as we’re looking forward to Pete’s lesson/webinar “Coding 101 for digital marketers” this September.
He will take a look at the most popular use cases and occasions where you are likely to face or interact with code, and teach you basics in HTML, CSS & Javascript knowledge that will enable you to complete those tasks.

The webinar will start on 22/09/16 at 2PM BST and you can register for free here.

You (and us, too) will learn the followings:

  1. HTML & CSS Basics for Editing & Styling Content
  2. Understanding & Working with a Web-Pages Source Code (Using Inspect Element)
  3. How to Use EMBED Codes to Display Content from Social Media Platforms & Third-Party Sites (YouTube Videos, Tweets)
  4. Understanding & Working with ‘Tracking Tags’ (Google Analytics, Retargeting Pixels via Facebook, Twitter)
  5. Useful Resources for Ongoing Learning

Why you should attend?

  1. There are many ways how digital marketers can benefit from coding skills. 5 of them are described here.
  2. Freebie! Every attendee will get our own cool script to help fixing broken links

Number of seats are limited though, so hurry to book your seat here.

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