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Learn how to deliver an awesome SEO campaign for your clients on a limited budget. We‘ll be hosting a training workshop and roundtable as part of Search Bootcamp – brought to you by the SEOMonitor team on March 20th, 2015 in London.

In our early days at Kaizen (and my time before that freelancing), the vast majority of our clients had spends between £250 – £500 a month for SEO & Content Marketing campaigns.

This forced us to come up with ingenious ways to achieve organic results – such as using tactics like Content Curation, News-Jacking & Buzzfeed-style list campaigns that cost less than £100 to make but still won coverage on, Daily Mail and Huffington Post. Or, using automation and productivity techniques to help scale up on-site and technical SEO tasks.

Earlybird Tickets are £399 including 6 Workshops & Roundtables + Lunch
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