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We use a unique analytical and technology-enhanced approach to PR – as well as long-standing relationships with journalists and publications – to help improve and direct your brand image, and ensure you’re visible at the head of your industry. This takes the form of four steps:

Our Strategy

We follow five steps to ensure a maximum of links across a range of high authority publications.



We’ll lead with a campaign workshop, which allows us to integrate your existing audience data with our own unique insights, and create a highly targeted campaign brief and PR strategy.

The material produced from that workshop will include a demographic profile of your audience detailing their interests, lifestyle, and approach to content. We’ll also agree our KPIs across suitable metrics for your campaign.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated campaign manager, who’ll manage each stage of the process and keep you updated with its developments.

We’ll provide a detailed competitor and publisher analysis, identifying topics and stories in your niche on which journalists have previously focused, as well as forthcoming industry news and opportunities that we can use to bolster our PR strategy.


PR Campaigns

Our analysis allows us to highlight suitable sites where it may be advantageous to publish guest columns, as well as awards you can enter in order to heighten your profile. In addition, we’ll suggest a number of content ideas for boosting your media coverage, and lay out how they can be pursued.

The next step is then to agree upon 3 campaigns and their KPIs to deliver across a quarter.

Your campaign manager will create a detailed project plan and campaign brief, and our in-house team will proceed with the research, design, code and press pack for each campaign over 4-6 weeks.

One feature unique to Kaizen is that we can deliver a campaign concept across multiple content formats, and outreach to a wide variety of contacts. As a result, coverage opportunities are maximised, and campaigns remain flexible according to your needs. Our PR services include:



Using our long-standing relationships with journalist contacts from high authority publications, we’ll develop an outreach strategy that incorporates potential angles, upcoming news hooks, and event-conscious timings.

Unlike other companies, our approach uses sophisticated CRM software to A/B test, monitor performance, and adapt our strategy in real-time to maximise press pick-up and, accordingly, your brand profile visibility.


Performance & Reporting

Your campaign manager will set up a real-time coverage dashboard for your review, which provides tracking of all media coverage and social mentions.

They will schedule regular catch-ups to keep you apprised of our outreach strategy and the campaign’s progress.

Each quarter, we offer face-to-face meetings to review performance and discuss our strategy for the next 3 campaigns – so you always have maximum involvement and awareness of your campaign’s successes.

Award Submissions

One of the best ways to enhance your portfolio and attract new clients and customers is to be involved with industry awards. We can help you write your submissions to help best display your brand and its achievements.

Journalist Contacts

We work with prominent journalists, and national and industry publications every day. We can use these links to distribute your company’s latest news, accomplishments, and announcements, or use our resources to build new ones that suit your needs.

Press Releases

We can identify the stories and information from your brand and its content that journalists will want to report, and shape press releases to match your goals, as well as offer them to relevant contacts.

Reactive PR

Breaking news or developments can have a direct effect on your brand. Because we have a specialist team who can move quickly, we’re able to respond to problems or opportunities as they arise.

International PR

We’re fully equipped to provide multilingual PR, and offer you media coverage and international connections in a range of global publications.

Visual Content Campaigns

We can ideate, plan, and create complete PR marketing campaigns to help develop and promote your brand. Have a look at our Content Campaigns page for more information.

Guest Columns

By writing guest blog posts and columns in industry publications, you can advance your brand authority and visibility in the eyes of your audience. We’ll research and write informed, expert pieces, and publish them in niche areas to foster brand awareness.

Brand Content Outreach

We have long-standing, valuable relationships with journalists and publications. We’ll write press releases for your content, develop new media links, and make sure your brand is on the front line of industry news.

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