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Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Optimising your site for higher search rankings is an important step for getting your content in front of your audience and increasing your conversions. Our specialist team can offer SEO services to tackle any issues you’re facing – and identify new opportunities.

Our Strategy

We follow five steps to ensure a maximum of links across a range of high authority publications.



We’ll lead with a campaign workshop, which allows us to integrate your existing target audience data with our own unique insights, and create a highly targeted campaign brief.

We’ll also review your competitors to see their approach to search rankings, and establish niches and keywords open for targeted technical SEO campaigns. At the same time, we’ll agree a set of KPIs including leads, sales, traffic performance, and search ranking visibility to be achieved by your campaign.

You will also be assigned a dedicated campaign manager, who’ll manage each stage of the process and keep you updated with its developments.



We’ll provide an in-depth technical SEO audit and analysis of your site. This comprises a forty-page document tracking over 200 different ranking factors, highlighting any issues and opportunities.

It also includes an opportunity index – certain improvements to SEO have extensive requirements for minimal gains. To combat this, and ensure you’re getting the optimum service, this index displays the level of difficulty in implementation, compared with the potential visibility gain.

From this index, we create recommendations for the order in which these improvements should be implemented, and then action them subject to your approval.

Some of the processes we commonly implement include:



Unlike other agencies, our SEO specialists are able to implement the suggestions that we make.

While our site audit contains comprehensive instructions on how to implement specific improvements, we can also completely action our suggestions, reducing the amount of resources required from your in-house team.

We can even send our specialists to work with you on-site, so you’re immediately aware of what’s been accomplished and how we plan to move forward.


Performance & Reporting

Your campaign manager will set up a dashboard for your review, which provides tracking for keyword visibility, traffic, leads, and sales.

They will also schedule regular catch-ups to keep you apprised of our SEO strategy and the campaign’s progress.

Each quarter, we offer face-to-face meetings to review performance and discuss our strategy for the next 3 campaigns from the opportunity index – so you always have maximum involvement and awareness of your site’s search visibility.

Mobile-First Index Audit

We’ll manage how your websites serves its content to mobile devices, to ensure optimal site speed and quality, as well as meeting search ranking factors and app indexation – as well as a number of other vital steps to high-quality mobile site performance.

Website Migration & Redesign

A new website or a site migration is an opportunity to develop a strong SEO strategy. We’ll perform SEO keyword research and suggest a competitive URL architecture, as well as meta data and optimised copy, to maximise site search performance. If you’re migrating, we’ll use redirect mapping, site crawls, tagging, and specialised site maps to make sure SEO authority is carried over from the old site.

Google Penalty Recovery

If you’ve received penalties to your search rankings from search engines, we can help you find out why – and take steps to resolve the issue before it impacts your conversions.

Crawl Budget Optimisation

If your site is large, it’s possible that not all the pages are being crawled and indexed correctly. We can perform server log analysis, and using canonical pages, internal nofollow links, and a sophisticated sitemap structure, we can ensure the pages are crawled correctly.

HTTPS Migration

HTTPS is a more secure protocol than HTTP, but it’s possible some of your pages are still using the older version. We’ll make sure that your site is only accessible on HTTPS – helping with your search rankings.

International SEO

Search engines need to know which version of a page to serve visitors from different countries. By including hreflang tags across your pages, we can make sure your visitors get the page they’re looking for.

Case Studies


Recovering Traffic for MusixMatch MusixMatch

  • Traffic +15%
#TechnicalSEO #SiteCrawl #SEOSiteAudit #GoogleIndexing #Troubleshooting #Music

Due to implementing the suggested changes, 21% more of the client’s URLs were indexed by the Googlebot, resulting in 15% more organic clicks and 20% more organic impressions.

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