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Client overview

Attraction World are a prominent attraction and theme park ticket company. They have two specialised brands: FloridaTix, which focuses on the eponymous US State, and AttractionTix, which offers tickets for attractions worldwide.

Key points

FloridaTix’s Dream Jobs


AttractionTix’s Filming Locations

Client challenge

Both AttractionTix and FloridaTix needed Kaizen to help produce engaging, visual content, that would promote the brand and earn extensive press coverage, as well as boost the SEO value of the respective sites with a high-quality backlink profile.


FloridaTix’s Dream Jobs

FloridaTix offer tickets to some of the most amazing attractions in Florida and some of the workers at these locations have what some would consider dream jobs.

After a joint ideation session with both the client and agency, Kaizen created the campaign for the Worlds Most Awesome Travel Jobs, which would help users identify what travel job they would be most suited to.

Kaizen first researched some of the most amazing travel jobs from across the globe, including Chocolate Tasters, Dog Surfing Instructors and Rollercoaster Testers. The research included job descriptions, locations, salaries and fun job facts.

These were then combined into a static visual highlighting the top 17 jobs, and an interactive quiz. The interactive quiz introduced a social element to the content where users can share their most suited job based off of the quiz.

The static microsite was built using HTML and has the functionality to be shared socially through open graph tags, as well as having a built-in embed code so it can be copied onto third party sites.

The quiz allows users to rate 7 statements on how they match their personality. The statements include a range of topics, such as how creative people class themselves, to how much they like adrenaline. After the 7 questions, users are presented with 1 out of 30 jobs that are most suited to them – as well as the requirements and salary of that role. Users then have the functionality to share their results via social media as well as to embed the quiz on their own site or blog, increasing the likelihood of shares and backlinks for the piece.

Both creative assets were promoted across the FloridaTix Blog and Social Media channels, and independently outreached through Kaizen public relations channels and journalist relationships.

AttractionTix’s Filming Locations

As AttractionTix has more of a global focus than FloridaTix, Kaizen ideated a campaign focusing on interesting travel destinations around the world. This was based in film, and the project that arose was a guide to potential road trip routes for film and television fans, through which they could visit destinations where their favourite media was produced.

As with FloridaTix’s piece, a static infographic was created featuring 10 different road trips for 9 different shows and films, and outreached to journalists.

The advantage of the Filming Locations piece was that as it covered several different films and shows, each panel could be separated out, and thus targeted more specifically at related press – allowing for a more customised approach to the PR side of the campaign.


FloridaTix’s Dream Jobs

The campaign was received well, earning 20 pieces of coverage from the Daily Mail, The Metro, The Daily Star, Traveller24, Yahoo, AOL, The Express, Marie Claire and a further 12 publications, all of which combined have a readership of over 30 million. The content was also featured on the front page of the Mail Online.

As a result, over 2,000 new users were added to the site.

From an SEO perspective, FloridaTix received 20 new follow links, with an average domain authority of 59.

The content was also seeded on the FloridaTix Facebook feed, showing to 59,000 users – of which over 10% then clicked through to complete the quiz. The quiz was also liked over 400 times, and shared and commented on over 600 times.

AttractionTix’s Filming Locations

The AttractionTix piece received 21 pieces of coverage, including in national publications such as the Daily Mail, the Sun, and the Express, as well as a number of international digital sites and magazines. Of these, 15 were followed links, and the average domain authority was 56.

The piece was also shared 486 times across social media, making it a success both in terms of brand promotion and in user engagement.