The Average Cost per Head in a Growing Family

The Average Cost per Head in a Growing Family



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Key Points

Everyone knows that the cost of a family increases the more children you have – but by how much?

We created a content marketing campaign that examined whether costs went up in proportion to additional family members, across housing, utility bills, cars and the weekly food shop. We then compared the cost of raising a family in the UK to other nations such as Spain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia and the USA. Some key findings included:

  • The cost of a four-person family is highest in the UK (out of the 10 most popular locations for British citizens).
  • The average UK living cost of a single person is £12,114.47 a year, but for two people it’s £13,435, massively reducing the cost per person.
  • The cheapest country in which to raise a family is Sweden.


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