How We Earned Hundreds Of Backlinks For A Cryptocurrency Brand



eToro is a major online financial trading platform, offering stocks and currency trade. They have recently focused on the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Key Points

1017 pieces of coverage earned

624 follow links

61 links over DA 30


As part of an ongoing campaign with eToro, Kaizen created the “Who Are the Crypto Investors?” piece, exploring the profile of those investing in cryptocurrency during the recent interest spike.

The piece features age, gender, industries, and experience levels, as well as breaking down interest by the different cryptocurrencies available.


The piece proved enormously successful, seeing media pick up across 1000s of different publications and news outlets, including The Next Web, Bitcoin News, and News BTC, as well as significant international media.

The majority of these pieces of coverage feature SEO-valuable follow links.  As a result, the coverage and results far exceeded the established KPI for the piece – of just 7 follow links.

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