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PlayNJ – Developing a Campaign’s PR Strategy Using Location LoyaltyPlayNJ - Catena US

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Client overview

PlayNJ is part of Catena US, which in turn is part of Catena Media, a performance marketing company. A global brand, localisation is a big part of their approach to dominating international markets.

Key points

Client challenge

Working in the US online gambling space, PlayNJ were struggling to build strong and diverse links to their site, which was holding back their SEO efforts. Kaizen were brought on board to use content to generate exciting and relevant news stories for PlayNJ which would generate links on US national and Global press sites.


Kaizen created a unique campaign around an interactive piece of content. This content was a map of the USA, indicating the most entertaining states, using numbers of theme parks, casinos, zoos, things to do, stadiums, and theatres, as well as tourism income and happiness levels.

By combining these in an index, the states could be ranked overall, with California taking the front position. However, as the piece was interactive, it could also be sorted according to individual metrics for those looking for specific points of interest, and the data for each state could be explored separately.

This was then outreached specifically to local publications in New Jersey in order to ensure a greater connection with the content. This arose due to the immediate relevance of entertainment content to New Jersey, as well as their high score in the final rankings.

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