Reactive PR: Taking A Cosmetic Surgery Client To A Wider Audience



MYA is a major UK cosmetic surgery service targeted primarily at women, with a range of procedures from Rhinoplasty to Implant Removal and Re-augmentation.

Key Points

A media networking breakfast event

16 pieces of media coverage in four weeks

Enhanced brand profile in body confidence


MYA has a strong brand presence focusing on positivity and body confidence, but they wanted to develop their positioning further and reach a wider audience outside of their primary clients.

Accordingly, Kaizen proceeded with both content and reactive PR campaigns. Our PR team continuously produced and pitched body positive stories to relevant media outlets in order to create a media “buzz” and to orient the brand into the position they sought.

This was then cemented into place with a media breakfast event in which we created further connections and placed five pieces of coverage for the MYA brand over the course of an hour.


During the course of this ongoing PR campaign, our team was contacted by Vice to request pictures and interviews with people who have had plastic surgery and were willing to talk about it. We then worked with MYA to find some of their clients who might fit the bill from amongst their case studies. This then generated a high authority article on the Vice website.

Additionally, two pieces of coverage were placed in printed magazines, including Woman’s Own and Now magazine, dealing with stories generated by our team.

To support the progress of the campaign and provide a destination for articles to link to, we also created a content piece on the development of female body trends over the years, which earned 11 pieces of coverage, including in the Daily Mail and Marie Claire.

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