TotallyMoney – Boosting a Brand Profile with Content

TotallyMoney – Boosting a Brand Profile with Content

Totally Money

Summary are among the UK’s top credit eligibility and comparison specialists. They assist their clients in getting the credit they need, through an eligibility check that matches people to credit cards or loans that have the highest percentage chance of acceptance.

Key Points

2017’s Key Results:


  • 112 followed links for content pieces
  • 174 pieces of media coverage for content pieces
  • Average DA of 48
  • Over 500 pieces of coverage for TotallyMoney website
  • Half a million unique visitors to the TotallyMoney website

Best Performing Content:

  • The World’s Most Cultural Cities
  • 22 followed links
  • 36 pieces of media coverage
  • Average DA of 52


TotallyMoney works in a highly competitive FinTech space, to bring credit eligibility to clients who are looking for a high chance of being accepted for credit cards or for loans.

While functionally this is an excellent service, it can also be hard to sell as a brand due to the lack of fun and personality traditionally ascribed to the credit market. This is especially true for a smaller company with low brand awareness like TotallyMoney.

As a result, they chose digital PR and content marketing to bolster their presence in the FinTech landscape and to promote their brand among potential clients and customers. Content offers a way to engage with customers on a level traditional advertising can’t access, with a broader range of ideas and a stronger sense of company culture and fun.


Kaizen have now worked with TotallyMoney for three years, with each new piece of content proving a successful addition to the brand. Previous work has resulted in TotallyMoney winning a Drum Content Award for Best Financial Services Content.

In 2017, Kaizen produced a series of 9 content campaigns for TotallyMoney, each based on a unique idea – which ranged from the costs involved in being a sports fan to the origins of musicians across the UK.

Each piece of content tied in directly with TotallyMoney’s core premise – comparison of credit and the spending habits of their customers – but built it out into wider markets connected with their own, like sports, music, beauty, and films, among others.

The most successful piece was a guide to the most cultural cities across the world. A whistle-stop tour of the top features and sights of global cities, it earned 22 followed links and 36 pieces of media coverage in publications like MSN, Business Insider, the Mirror, and Traveller 24.

Since the start of these campaigns, the TotallyMoney website has received over 500 pieces of media coverage, as well as half a million unique visitors. Their former problem with low brand awareness has thus been resolved through a smart content strategy.

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