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About Kaizen

Kaizen is an award-winning Content Marketing Agency with a technology-focused approach to creating individual, exciting content. Through our intensive data research, arsenal of PR tools, and specialised team structure, we enhance your digital presence, and augment your brand visibility.

Our Core Values


Kaizen is the art of continuous improvement, and rejecting the concept of status quo. Kaizen stays in motion, adapting to new situations and reaching out for new ideas.


Curiosity leads to experimentation, and experimentation leads to improvement. By looking at the conventional and asking what happens if it’s flipped on its head, new ideas are created, new approaches, and new methods.


People who are hungry for success, who demand higher quality and better results from themselves, are the ones who will drive the world forward. Their passion is what powers them through challenges and what keeps them reaching for more.


Good material isn’t effortless. But the best material is fuelled by such passion and such skill that it looks effortless. The greatest compliment to someone’s skill is to think that anyone could do it – because they make it look so easy.


Transparency is at the heart of collaborative effort and communication. Clarity of approach and demonstrable progress are at the heart of improvement.


Individual skill is a component; collaboration is the project. Specialists are there to support goals, and that means sharing resources, communicating, and building projects together.

Some Of Our Team

Pete Reis-Campbell CEO & Founder

Grace Hartnett Campaign Manager

Robin Langfield Newnham Copy & Research Executive

Elias Fasoulas Graphic Design Executive

Jess Fairfax PR Executive

Our Awards & Nominations


Project Type
  • SEO
  • Content
  • PR
  • Other

Monthly Budget
  • £5,000 to £7,499
  • £7,500 to £9,999
  • £10,000 to £14,999
  • £15,000+



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