About Us

About Kaizen

Kaizen is a content marketing agency in London, based in Moorgate. Our work has won awards, particularly in branded content strategies, and we have achieved significant media coverage in major publications, such as the Metro, the Daily Mail, The Sun, Business Insider, and more.

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What We Believe

We Must Always Improve on Yesterday

Kaizen means “continuous improvement”. Everything we do is a step towards a better future for Kaizen and our partners.

Our Reach Must Exceed Our Grasp

We challenge ourselves and venture into the unknown, because we know we will bring something valuable back.

We Must Always Ask Why

The status quo is often limiting. But curiosity leads to experimentation, and experimentation leads to improvement.

Our Senior Team

Pete Campbell


Grace Hartnett

Head of Production

Sean Guy

Commercial Director

Bobbi Brant

Campaign Manager

Alex Costanzo

Campaign Executive

Elias Fasoulas

Graphic Design Manager

Jess Lang

PR Assistant

Rob Newnham

Creative Strategist

Bogdan Stanciu

Lead FE Developer

Jennifer Grey

Head of PR

Nathan Abbott

Campaign Executive

Jess Fairfax

Senior PR Executive


This Is Kaizen

Content Marketing Jobs Available

Digital Graphic Design Assistant

Permanent, Full-Time

London, UK