Meet the Speakers: The Future of Content Marketing Event

A great content marketing strategy involves creating content for your brand that can stand up by itself, without selling or revolving round a particular product – the content can even become a product in itself. But with more and more competition, many more media options (video, live video, VR etc), and the growing epidemic of information overload online, standing out has never been more difficult.

Yet, content marketing is still a rapidly growing industry, and companies are increasingly investing in it over other marketing strategies. One reason for this is that content marketing has lower upfront costs, and deeper long-term benefits than paid search. Research by DemandMetric found that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but generates approximately three times the number of leads. Instead of pushing a product down people’s throats, content marketing allows brands to reach consumers through original data and useful surveys, so that they can interact with the brand in a different, and more positive, way.

Content Marketing is an industry that constantly demands newness in its techniques and targeting. There will always be new hurdles to face, new media to grapple with, and new metrics to be measured against – whether its social shares, video views or news coverage.

Kaizen is a leading content marketing agency, creating unique and data-driven content for high-profile clients including TotallyMoney, River Island and TUI. From our experience in the field, we made the bold decision to do our own research into the Future of Content, and will be hosting an event surrounding our unique study, featuring guest speakers including the Head of Digital at Innocent Drinks.


Our event will take place on 10th May from 6pm at The Steel Yard, London, and feature talks from members of our own team as well as guest speakers. There will be free drinks and nibbles, and VR technology to try out between the talks.

Meet the speakers

Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell is the CEO and Founder of the award-winning Kaizen. He has worked with global brands including River Island, Symantec and on innovative content marketing campaigns, and is a regular speaker at digital marketing conferences including SMX, BrightonSEO and SASCon.

Pete will be kicking off the talks at 7pm, introducing Kaizen and launching our new brand vision.


Bobbi Brant

Bobbi is a Campaign Manager at Kaizen, focusing on a diverse range of brands. Bobbi is passionate about finding data and turning it into unique outreach campaigns. Her past experience includes speaking at industry events including SearchLondon, outREACH and BrightonSEO.

In her talk, Bobbi will demonstrate what the Future of Content really means to a digital marketing agency.


Helena Langdon

Helena Langdon is the Head of Digital and Communities at Innocent Drinks. Her job involves entertaining their fans on social channels, attracting new ones, and listening to them when they have something to say. Helena leads Innocent’s digital and customer service team, and does everything from writing tweets on the train on her way into work, to writing and producing campaigns across digital, outdoor and on TV, and pretty much everything in between.

Her talk will centre around Innocent Drink’s incredible Content & Social Media strategy.

Lauren Razavi

Lauren has produced stories for leading media organisations such as The Guardian, VICE, ShortList, NPR and The Atlantic, and managed content strategy and worked on editorial projects for global brands like Google, Facebook, Timberland and Land Rover. She has also appeared on TV and radio as a panellist and guest speaker for the BBC, Channel 4 and The Weather Channel in the US.

Lauren’s talk at our event will be on ‘The New Journalism’, and will give a writer’s view on the Future of Content Marketing.


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